4 coffee shops to spend the afternoon studying in Montpellier


After a morning of classes, the best thing we can do to make our learning even more enjoyable and not forgetting what we have seen earlier is to review and practice a couple of hours during our free time. Whether alone or with a group of colleagues, putting what we have learned into practice is one of the best tactics to ensure that everything will be recorded in our minds. And when we want to study, we always look for cozy and quiet places, and if they come with coffee, better. That’s why we present here is a list of some places where you will surely love to spend your afternoons of study in Montpellier

Café Solo

Café Solo, Montpellier

The best thing about this cafe is that it is just a few steps away from our school, so you don’t have to go very far to get there. From the tables on their terrace, it is possible to smell the delicious coffee, which they roast and grind themselves to make everything homier. If you go in and up to the first floor, you’ll find the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon while you review your French exercises.

Address: 30 Rue Saint-Guilhem

Palma Café

Palma Café, Montpellier

This café, located on Boulevard Jeu de Paume, is the perfect mix of a space to enjoy a cup of hot tea next to a divine “patisserie” while you take a look at the exclusively designer pieces that serve as decoration of the place and are also on sale. The Café-Boutique concept seems to be going around the world and this is a great example of this. Calm music in a somewhat bohemian atmosphere makes it a perfect place to spend an afternoon of study or work.

Address: 32 Boulevard du Jeu de Paume

Café BUN

Café BUN, Montpellier

This is one of the favourite coffees for our students to spend some time studying. This small place is quiet and cozy enough to be there for a whole afternoon without even knowing it. The lounge tables are perfect for sitting among classmates with a good coffee or hot chocolate, spending a couple of hours speaking in French.

Address: 5 Rue des Étuves

Le Bookshop

Le Bookshop, Montpellier

If it’s about studying, we are sure this cafeteria is perfect for it. It is on the list of favorites of many as it is not only a bilingual bookstore (English and French) it but also works as a coffee shop, tea room and meeting place for many students. It is a quiet and cozy place, surrounded by books, nice coffee and delicious cakes. Perfect for the long conversations to practice French.

Address: 8 Rue du Bras de Fer

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