All good reasons to come to IEF in 2021!

The French language school IEF Montpellier will reopen its doors on Monday, January 4, 2021 from 8am.

What are the reasons for coming to IEF French School in 2021?

January 4th will be a special day at IEF ! The whole school team is happy to welcome back its learners who will come to take French courses in 2021. Everything is organized to allow everyone the best welcome, the best learning, the best activities and all this in a safe environment from a health point of view.

Why learn French at IEF?

Let’s start by reminding ourselves why it can be important to learn French!

French is :

  1. a language spoken all over the world
  2. an asset in finding a job
  3. the language of the culture
  4. an indispensable language for traveling in the world of the Francophonie
  5. a language to study in French universities
  6. a language for thinking and debating
  7. a language to open up to the world
  8. a language to learn other languages such as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,…
  9. a pleasant language to learn
  10. the language of love
école de français IEF

And you? Why would you like to learn French? What is your project? And why choose to come to IEF to carry out this project?

Whatever your project is, for your studies, your professional career or simply for your pleasure, IEF will help you realize it!

The assets of IEF:
  • The quality of teaching. Our teachers are qualified and experienced and put all their know-how into practice in order to allow our students to progress quickly and reach the objectives they have set themselves. Each learner is placed in a class according to his or her level.
  • A school that welcomes different cultures in its classes with different age groups. This mix is of great value and is extremely appreciated by all our learners. By coming to IEF, you will learn French while meeting people from all over the world.
  • A team that cares for each learner. All our attention is focused on the well being of our students because to learn in good conditions, you need to feel good and well surrounded.
  • A school oriented towards innovation. Our French school is renowned for its creativity and its ability to innovate. Our highly experienced teaching team creates the pedagogical content used in the classrooms itself, respecting the CEFR criteria as closely as possible in order to adapt perfectly to the students’ needs. Indeed, at the IEF, we do not use standard methods. The pedagogical content is carefully selected to meet the expectations of each learner. The IEF school has been awarded 15 stars in the FLE Quality Label!
  • Montpellier. All our students fall in love with this city of exceptional charm. Borrowed from history, Montpellier is a university city where the oldest medical school in the world is located. Located a few kilometers from the sea, students who come to IEF love to go and relax by the water after classes. In addition, Montpellier offers many cultural venues: two opera houses, numerous art galleries, and absolutely magnificent museums. Finally, going out in Montpellier and enjoying the bars and restaurants that this city has to offer is extremely popular with our students!
  • The location of the IEF in Montpellier. Located in the heart of the historic center, the IEF school allows you to have everything at your fingertips: charming squares, with many bars and restaurants where our students love to meet other people, meet French people and live the French way!
  • There are many possibilities for accommodation. IEF Montpellier is in contact with a large number of accommodation providers, including host families with whom you will be truly immersed in order to further optimize your French language learning.
After their stay at the IEF, our students leave with a head full of unforgettable memories! Many people tell us that they had a fabulous experience, loved learning French at our school and had a great time in Montpellier!

If you would like to know what our students have to say, please visit our Facebook page “Institut Européen de Français – French courses in Montpellier”!

Come in 2021 to the IEF and take advantage of a special offer!

Choose a course adapted to your needs, book your stay between December 1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2021 and get a 20% discount on your stay in 2021 with the code BienvenueIEF2021! Our little welcome gift for this new year!

See you soon in France, in Montpellier, at the IEF!