Online course feedback from the winner of the KLF competition

Jeu-concours KLF

Last September, the Institut Européen de Français organized a contest on Facebook which was a great success: 50 likes, 39 shares, 39 comments!

The lucky winner who got two weeks of online courses was drawn one week later live on Facebook. Her name is Anna and she will share with you her experience with the Keep Learning French program.

Interview with Anna, winner of the KLF competition

Feedback on his experience with online group courses

Why did you take part in this contest? What were your goals in hoping to win French courses?

I am someone who is very passionate about foreign languages, especially French, which is high on my list. I can’t imagine my days without at least 30 minutes of practice, either auditory or visual. Not being able to leave my country to practice the language because of COVID-19, I found myself lacking communication in French. My goal, therefore, was to fill this gap and to feel “alive” linguistically.

What did you think of the organization of the online courses?

It was my very first online group experience and I admit that I had some concerns. I was wondering about the number of participants and whether I was going to enjoy the course. I had done a course with several people in a group before but it was a total failure! There was always a lack of time for everyone to express themselves on all the topics covered during the course.

From the first online course, my doubts disappeared. We were 6-7 people and the time was perfectly optimized for each of us to speak. In addition, during the one-hour independent work, I discovered real “nuggets” in terms of vocabulary and French culture.

Cours en ligne, Anna

Are you satisfied with the courses provided?

I didn’t expect such progress! I was able to see this progress very quickly, after only a few classes. My brain welcomed French with open arms (I got a big slap on the wrist over that) to the detriment of my mother tongue which is Russian. After each class, when I was forced to speak Russian in my daily life, I had difficulty expressing myself because I knew how to say it in French before Russian! I had to wait a few moments for the Russian word to come back to me. I would like to point out that I had a 3-hour class every morning except on weekends for 2 weeks.

What do you think of this alternative compared to a face-to-face learning?

I was convinced that there was nothing better than face-to-face learning until I discovered all the possibilities that the school offered us through the platform. New technologies have made a big step forward and we must take advantage of them.

Would you be willing to continue or resume online courses in the future? Would you recommend this option?

Without a shadow of a doubt! No need to worry about where to park the car, no need to spend a lot of time deciding what to put on to get out,… and no fear of arriving late because of traffic. Nevertheless, if I were in France, I would prefer to go to school because I like the human contact and I appreciate the possibility of being surrounded by different nationalities. It’s an enriching and unparalleled experience. I can’t wait to do it again in Montpellier, rue Saint-Guilhem, on the school’s premises.

What did you think of the platform? Is it useful? Easy to use, etc…?

I was pleasantly surprised by the impeccable functioning of the e-learning platform on which our teachers shared videos, documents, corrections of our mistakes. It also allowed us to be in constant contact with them and to ask them our questions.
Do you have any comments or suggestions to make to improve this offer?

Just maintain the high level of teaching you already have. Good luck and good continuation!

Testimony of Judith, Anna’s teacher

Passionate about other countries and new encounters, it became clear to me very early on that teaching French as a foreign language would be the ideal profession in which I could blossom.

After having taught in Alliances Françaises, private establishments or schools, I became a biographer on the island of Reunion Island where I make hundreds of portraits that I collect to collect the intangible heritage of the world.

I discover that I like to combine the singularity of beings with their learning because each one of us is unique. This is what I am able to fully realize at LSF where I have been working for several years now.

Judith, professeure d'Anna

When I had the chance and the immense pleasure of meeting Anna, I knew right away that our philanthropy and our desire for curiosity would allow us to forge a strong bond. Whether it was her love for the language or for culture and heritage, our discussions always resulted in a true and profound exchange, based on improving her (already excellent) level of French.

I am delighted to have had the opportunity to welcome Anna to my virtual classroom and hope to see her again very soon, this time in a face-to-face class in our superb premises at l’Écusson.

If you too would like to have the same online course experience as Anna, join our Keep Learning French! program.