Best French Language Resource in Tutorful

Recently, we have had the pleasure of learning that the website of the Institut Européen de Français has been recommended by Tutorful users based on its educational benefits.

For those who do not yet know it, Tutorful is a service that connects trusted tutors with parents and students through an online platform, where users can view a complete profile of each tutor, with extensive and varied information. Ratings, prices, specialties and other information are combined in a clear and simple way so that those interested can contact the chosen tutor within the platform.

Tutorful surveyed more than 50,000 registered members to ask them what Internet resources they considered most useful for learning different signatures. Fortunately, the IEF site was selected as one of the best resources for learning French, along with several other sites that also offer an extraordinary service to all those looking for different ways to learn French. In addition to websites, the full editorial that you can see in this link presents as resources chosen by Tutorful users a series of mobile applications, Youtube videos, audiobooks, and games.

We have been offering French courses in Montpellier since 2001 with the highest possible quality, always with a focus on the students, to offer them a personalized, effective and fun teaching at the same time. Our quality of teaching and dedication become even more effective when combined with the vast range of resources that the Internet has to offer, which are more than just additional means of self-learning a language, they are also a good complement for the hundreds of students who come to Montpellier each year to live an immersion experience with us, allowing them to achieve mastery of the French language and culture, as well as enjoying everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

Congratulations to all those selected in this great editorial, and thanks to the entire Tutorful team for collaborating in spreading the French language around the world.