Blended & Collaborative Learning for learning freedom!

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Our Blended & Collaborative Learning meets your current needs! You want or need to learn French for professional or academic reasons but you are postponing your project because of the current context? We have THE solution for you to successfully complete your project!

Faced with the situation we have been experiencing for several months now, we have done everything quickly enough so that our students who had chosen to come to learn French at the IEF could do so from where they were and then continue their French learning by coming to join us as soon as they could in the South of France.

Our solution: start at a distance, continue in Montpellier without interrupting your learning!

Discover our Blended & Collaborative Learning!

What are the advantages?

  1. An innovative way to learn French that combines immersion and distance learning.
  2. A formula that ensures the freedom to organize your French learning according to your wishes, availability and constraints.
  3. Adjustable and à la carte offers.

What does our Blended & Collaborative Learning offer?

Our offers include:

  • A package of private lessons (distance or face-to-face)
  • Group courses in international class (face-to-face)
  • Unlimited access to our e-learning platform (more than 400 modules and more than 5000 exercises)

Why is Blended & Collaborative Learning an interesting solution?

You can choose the duration of your formula:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

In addition, you organize your French learning as you wish. You choose when you want to follow your private lessons (distance learning or face-to-face) and when you want to come to Montpellier (group courses in international class). This formula allows you to organize your learning according to your rhythm and your availability!

This formula offers you nothing but advantages! Whether at a distance or in immersion, the teaching is the same, with the same teachers and the same teaching tools. You benefit from perfect pedagogical consistency throughout your course. There is no break between your online sessions and your immersion sessions. Even better, when you come to France, in Montpellier, you will be used to our teaching and this will allow you to optimize your stay!

What happens to your training if you opt for a Blended & Collaborative Learning?

Before immersion

  • First, a videoconference interview with one of our teachers is scheduled to evaluate your oral level. This oral test is followed by a written test in order to have a global vision of your level to organize your French learning as well as possible.
  • Then, you can start your private lessons online (as many as you wish within the credit limit) and benefit from unlimited access to our e-learning platform.
  • Moreover, you never feel alone in your learning since you benefit from personalized coaching by a qualified teacher when you work on the platform.

This way, you will become familiar with our pedagogy and teaching tools, meet our teachers and discover our platform at your own pace.

During immersion

  • Whatever the duration of your package, your immersion stay can be split up.
  • You benefit from small group courses (8 to 10 people maximum) and are placed in an international group according to your level. You can also continue your private lessons within the limit of your credit.
  • Upon your arrival, you will receive a logbook, exclusively designed for learning French and discovering Montpellier.
  • If you feel the need, you can opt for tutoring sessions.
  • You will take advantage of the many activities offered by the Institute to discover Montpellier and its region. (Activities organized by the guide not included in the package)

After immersion

You can continue to take private lessons online, if you have not exhausted all your credit, and continue your French learning by accessing our numerous modules present on the e-learning platform. This way, you will progress more and more and perfect your French at your own pace!

In brief

Enseignement mixte et collaboratif

Flexibility and freedom for learning French as a foreign language

For more information on our Blended & Collaborative Learning, do not hesitate to write to us!
Discover soon the story of Juan Diego, IEF student, who chose one of our Blended & Collaborative Learning!