Coming in Autumn to Montpellier


We are already saying goodbye to summer, temperatures are starting to drop and the cool wind is beginning to announce that autumn is just around the corner. The orange and red colors begin to take over the city, which after a busy season, welcomes back the students who took advantage of the holidays to return home. The cultural activities are once again at their peak and Montpellier is filled with autumn charm. Why come to the city these months? We’ll tell you about it here!

Cool and relaxed climate

After spending a few months full of heat, the change of season leaves place to the arrival of a temperate climate, those that are perfect to walk around the city without fleeing from the cold or heat. It is the perfect time to hike in the open air and to enjoy visiting the villages near Montpellier.

Autumn, South France

Autumn colors and fewer tourists

The autumn color palette is for sure one of the most charming in the whole year and visiting the vineyards totally dyed red and orange is one of the most wonderful things that we can live in Montpellier during this season. In addition, the number of tourists begins to descend and you will find a calm city that will invite you to get lost among its medieval streets.

Regional gastronomy

If you are a wine lover, autumn is definitely one of the best times to be in Montpellier. For three days at the end of November, one of the most important wine festivals in the region, where it is possible to meet producers and taste wines from more than 50 wineries, is held at the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle. Best of all, the last day producers open the doors of their vineyards in almost 30 communities. But wine is not everything, the olives also have prominence in autumn with Fête de L’ Olive celebrated in Pignan. And for those who want to try a little local gastronomy it is necessary to go to Toqués D’ Oc in the Parc de Peyrou.

Vineyard, Languedoc

Music and Cinema

More than 80 concerts in nearly 50 different venues are held during the International Guitar Festival, which is almost the farewell of summer and the welcome of autumn. For three weeks between September and October, more than 200 artists give rhythm to the city. Not forgetting that the Voix de Maguelone completes the musical picture with the festival that takes place in the old cathedral. But if you are a lover of the “Seventh Art”, it is good that you know that for a week in autumn the Cinémed, the festival of the best films of the year in Mediterranean countries, is held.

Olives, Southern France

Montpellier International Fair

For almost 70 years, the Foire de Montpellier has been celebrated in the city, which for almost two weeks in autumn happens at the Montpellier exhibition park. It is a family event that seeks the recreation of the inhabitants by offering various stands dedicated to the areas of well-being, gastronomy, travel, leisure and more. In addition, every year, they choose a special destination by taking their assistants on a trip with entertainment and surprises.

Learn French in autumn

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