Exploring Montpellier and its Surroundings

If there is a major plus about Montpellier, it is definitely the ease to move about the city, among many other things. Thanks to its size, it is perfect to explore on foot or by bicycle. There is also an extensive public transport network connecting any point in the city to the center, and with other surrounding towns. Today we will share with you the easiest ways to discover Montpellier.

Tranm Montpellier

TAM Transport Network

The major means of connection in the city is the tram, which has four lines in operation. It offers users the ease of moving about the city rapidly and comfortably. In addition, the TAM transport service complements the tram routes with an extensive bus schedule connecting the city center with the most remote areas. It is worth mentioning that the tram is the preferred means of transport of many people because in just 30 minutes it takes you to the beach. You can buy a 1-trip ticket lasting 60 active minutes that allows you to make any changes between tramlines and buses, or you can buy 10 travel tickets that reduce the cost of the total price. If you are going to spend an extended time in the city, it is best to be a subscriber to the TAM service. With this affiliation, you have unlimited trips on trams and buses as well as free access to TAM car and bicycle parking for a very good price. They have discounts for annual affiliations, and for children who are under 26 years old.

Walking Around

Believe it or not, this is one of the preferred methods to tour the city. Not only because it is very easy to connect from one point to another, but because of the pleasant Montpellier climate and its streets full of bars and cafés making it a pleasurable walk on foot. The points of interest are located in the city center and surroundings, so it is very easy to walk from one side to the other. In addition, it is a quiet city, so it is completely safe to walk anywhere, especially at night, when the transportation service has stopped and people want to continue enjoying the nightlife.

Bike Montpellier


For those who love to ride a bicycle, Montpellier will be totally charming. The city is perfectly suited to cyclists and has connecting cycle paths with surrounding areas. There are many places to buy a bicycle at low prices; many times students who finish their stay offer their bikes to others at very good prices. But if you are looking to rent only for one day, there are several daily bike hire shops. Or consider Vélomagg, a service of the TAM transport network, which allows bike rentals at various points in Montpellier for only 0, 50 € per hour. You only need to have a bankcard or be affiliated with the TAM service.

Hérault Transport Network

Montpellier is a city surrounded by many places full of culture, gastronomy and history. Once here, there will be many sites you will want to discover during your free time. The regional Hérault transport network is an excellent option to get to know the whole area; you will fall in love with the port of Sète and the medieval village Saint Guilhem le Désert. It is also a great way to reach the beaches of Carnon or La Grande Motte. You can buy tickets for each trip that cost € 1.60, or buy a ticket book of 10 trips for only € 10.

Exploring Montpellier and its Surroundings

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