Free workshops at IEF

In IEF we offer our students a great diversity of courses to suit the needs of each individual. From intensive morning courses, through supplementary oral classes and private lessons during afternoons, we allow each student to work precisely on the subjects of their interest. But as we know, any complement is important to the learning process, so we also offer free afternoon workshops accessible to all IEF students.

What topics might you learn at the free workshops?

The free ateliers offer a diversity of topics focused on grammar, phonetics and tenses. In addition, you can explore topics such as idioms, familiar French language, French songs or even creative writing. All this is provided using fun techniques and games which allow the student to enjoy while learning.

Free Ateliers IEF

Which days can I attend to workshops?

Free Ateliers IEF

Free ateliers are held twice a week, specifically, on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12: 30hrs to 13:15hrs. It is a perfect schedule that does not clash with any of the other student activities and gives everyone the opportunity to participate. In addition, during the summer, in the months of July and August, there are some extra ateliers designed especially for Spanish-speaking students.

How do I join free ateliers?

Free Ateliers IEF

All students enrolled in IEF, regardless of their course or plan, can access without any extra payment, to any of the ateliers offered during the week at the school. You only have to know there are a limited number of spaces, so it is necessary you register at least one day ahead on the list on the information board.

How do I know which theme will be studied in the workshop?

Each month, the calendar of free workshops will be placed on the main board, where you will be able to see what topics will be studied each day. Then you have the time to choose which ones you are interested in, and put them in your agenda. You can check them anytime you need to, and right next to them you will find the sign-up sheet for the workshop.

Free Ateliers Libres IEF

Why do our students like free ateliers so much?

Free workshops are an opportunity to explore and develop some topics that are more global; our students feel it is a way to experience more deeply those things that can be complicated for them to understand. Also, it is a great way to share with other students on different levels, and meet new people.

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