Tandem Language Exchange

« I teach you my language, you teach me yours »

The TANDEM Language Exchange ® Concept

The Tandem Language Exchange is a service which we propose to you as a supplement to your French courses in Montpellier. You will have the possibility of being put in connection with French-speaking partners who want to perfect their capacity to speak a foreign language during a linguistic exchange. More exactly they are exchanges of alternate conversation in French and in your mother tongue. You and your by partner will speak the same amount of French and your mother tongue.

This system of language exchange will allow you to improve your language skills via the meeting and help you to immerse yourself in the culture and of customs of each other.
These exchanges allow real conversation situations for the partners and faster learning. The Tandem partnership does not obviously replace a language course but it completes it.
The progress of the learning in Tandem is connected to the mutual support of the partners.
Regarding the level it is enough to have some basics and are able to communicate (A2)

” TANDEM ®, means to work together, to exchange skills and experiences to progress more quickly while having fun “.

Tandem language exchange Tandem International
Tandem International

Tandem International Language Schools

Tandem Language Exchange ® is a trademark of Tandem International. IEF is a member of TANDEM International, a network of language schools in Europe and in Latin America. We distinguish ourselves through our quality and efficiency of learning as well as our friendly atmosphere. Tandem schools ® in the World emphasize the cultural integration of Students, by facilitating the exchanges with natives.