Happy Hours in Montpellier

We have to accept it; in France we love the aperitif time. We immensely enjoy meeting with friends in the late afternoon to close the day with good conversation and a good drink. We do not need an excuse to do it, it is in our daily itinerary and we enjoy it like nobody else. And, of course, once our students discover the French joie de vivre, they embrace our ways of living life. At the end of any day, nothing is better than meeting friends to practice a little French while having a beer or a glass of wine. And as we know happy hours are becoming more crowded by our students, we made a list of places not to be missed.


It is one of the best-known bars in the city; it is on the list of things to visit by anyone who comes to Montpellier. Located on Rue Boussairolles, they offer happy hours from 18hrs to 20hrs. However, in the summer they have special hours from 20hrs to 22hrs. In addition, when it comes to the aperitif, they offer their customers something to snack on while having their drink.

Bar Barberousse en Montpellier

Le Café Joseph

Located in the heart of the historic centre, in Place Jean Jaurès, this place is perfect to end the day in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. They offer happy hours from Wednesday to Friday between 17hrs and 19hrs. But it is very likely that you will want to stay a little longer.

La Casita Del Barrio

Located in Place Rebuffy, this pleasant bar with a splendid outdoor terrace is a must-see in the city to try Iberian tapas, perfect for snacking while enjoying a good cocktail. It is possible to enjoy their happy hour every day from 17hrs until 20hrs.

Shakespeare Pub

Pub The Shakespeare in Montpellier

We are certain no student passes through the city without hearing about this famous English pub located on the Rue de la Petite Loge. Very appealing, above all, for sports lovers, here it is possible to enjoy happy hours every day from 19:30 hrs to 20:30 hrs.

The Black Sheep

Bar The black sheep en Montpellier

Located in the heart of the Boulevard Louis Blanc, this beer bar is a perfect mix of both pleasant and cosmopolitan atmospheres. There is even a concert hall! It is one of the favorite places for students and offers happy hours every day from 18hrs to 20 hrs.

Le Clandestin

This wine bar, located on Rue de la Valfere, is ideal for those looking for a place with a quiet and cozy atmosphere where you can relax with piano music in the background. Here it is possible to taste the wines of the region next to a plate of cheese and charcuterie. They offer happy hours every day from 18hrs to 20hrs.

Temple Bar

This Irish pub is among the favorites of sports lovers who enjoy a good game while having something to drink. They offer happy hours every day from 18hrs to 20hrs. Here you can have a nice time in a friendly atmosphere with good music. The address of Temple Bar is 24 Rue Aristide Ollivier.

Have fun in Montpellier while learning French!