At IEF, We Love Mondays!

Yes, for many people Mondays are dull and boring, resuming the weekday routine is something not many people like. But at IEF we love the first day of the week, not only because we open our doors to new students, but because we have prepared many fun and entertaining activities to start the week with energy! Do you want us to tell you more? This is how you are going to spend a Monday with us!

Welcome meeting

The first days in a new job, a new school or in a new city are a complete rush for any person, and at IEF we know that. For that reason, each Monday we welcome our new students with a special meeting. They have the opportunity of sharing with others who are starting their learning experience with us at the same time. We tell them about the city and about the French courses they will be attending. We show them the school and, more importantly, we help them with any problems or doubt they may have. We provide some tools and information brochures to initiate a good experience; the map of the city and the conjugation book, which will be the most used book for the student during their entire stay. At IEF we have new students every Monday, and that is a great reason to end the weekends in a good mood.

IEF loves Mondays res

Aperitif at midday

IEF Montpellier brunch

Every Monday, yes, every Monday we have an aperitif on the terrace of the school! This is so our new students can meet the people who have already been in the institute for a while, and it will encourage some to become new friends. It is the perfect moment to start feeling at home and to get the best from our intercultural exchange. More so, it is a nice degustation of French wines and cheeses, because we love the good tastes. The best thing is every week we await anxiously the moment of the aperitif, to greet and meet the new students who have become part of IEF. We believe it is our favorite moment at the institute. And we have no doubts that our students always start the week very happily.

Guided tour of the city

In the morning we introduced you to the school; in the afternoon we show you the city. We want you to feel a part of Montpellier, that you learn its history and its emblematic places. For that reason you will walk around the city for about an hour and a half with your new school friends. You will discover places like Saint-Pierre Cathedral’s, the Place Royal de Peyrou and the Quartier Sainte-Anne. Best of all, you will tour the city with a native so you will find out very interesting things about Montpellier. And of course, you can ask any question you like. We know the next day you will want to see more of the city, and soon you will feel like it is your second home.

IEF loves Mondays People

Plus, on Mondays we present the calendar of weekly activities and excursions! Get ready to have a busy time in the south of France!

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