Weekly excursions with IEF

A language immersion program is only complete if the students know the culture of the place where they are and, above all, if they venture to discover the city and the important tourist spots nearby. That is why at IEF we offer a wide weekly program of cultural events in Montpellier, we propose to our students a variety of excursions, so that in their free time they take advantage of visiting those charming places that are situated in the surroundings of the city.

Escape for half a day or a full weekend

The purpose of our excursions is to make the most of our students’ free time, which is why the weekly trips we offer give our students space to choose if they want to spend some time out of town or if they take the whole weekend to travel. Depending on the destination, excursions can be for one afternoon, full day – Saturdays and Sundays – or even the whole weekend.

Specialized guides

Our students are accompanied by guides specialized in the area of tourism who know perfectly the customs and history of each place they visit, so they provide our students with all the necessary information to understand each place from the roots of their culture. They are also with them all day long and share the good times of a trip, which are then the memories that our students take home with them.

tourism in Montpellier

Totally in French

IEF excursions are also an excellent opportunity to practice everything learned in class as they are in French. In other words, our guides are in charge of telling the stories of each place in our native language, which allows students to immerse themselves completely and feel that they’re also part of the place.

Devil's Bridge "Pont du Diable", France

Diversity of destinations and activities

With our excursions you will have the opportunity to get to know villages near Montpellier such as Sète, Avignon or Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer; to get away to more distant cities such as Aix-en-Provence or Marseille; or even to discover the charm of Barcelona, Spain, during a whole weekend. But it’s not just a matter of visiting cities and cities, because our excursions also offer horseback riding along the beach or in Camargue, as well as the opportunity to do rafting or kayaking during the summer season.

Discover the program

Jeremy, in charge of the IEF excursions, takes a tour of each classroom every Monday to tell our students about the week’s proposals. It is also possible to check the excursion listings at the school reception desk or go directly to our weekly activities blog where you will have all the information at hand.

Worry-free group outings

If you are one of the people who don’t venture out on their own, or who don’t like to worry about the details of a trip, our excursions are perfect for you. They are totally designed so that you only have to worry about enjoying and discovering the most beautiful places in France. You also have the opportunity to share with other students, which makes everything even more fun. In short, they offer our students the opportunity to discover places that are often very difficult to reach by public transport or without knowing the area well.

Kayak ardeche gorge in France

Activities in Montpellier, France

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