International French Teachers’ Day 2020


French Teachers’ Day

The second edition of the International French Teachers’ Day takes place this year on Thursday, November 26th. This day, organized by the International Federation of Teachers of French (FIPJ), aims to promote the teaching of the French language. It highlights French teaching practices and represents a moment of exchange, through events or workshops that are fun, formative, solemn or festive. The objective of this day is to create links and solidarity.

En savoir plus sur la journée du professeur de français

Journée internationale des professeurs de français

L’engagement de l’IEF dans la formation de formateurs


L’engagement de l’IEF dans la formation de formateurs

Our team of trainers

Our trainers regularly intervene during missions abroad and participate in international events organized around the pedagogy of FLE.
Always on the lookout for new ideas for the classroom, our experts have created numerous tools to promote pedagogical innovation in FLE teaching.

Forùateurs IEF

The objective of our FLE trainings is to provide teachers with turnkey tools and resources and to make them autonomous in the creation of content and in their classroom management.

Our training for French teachers

Our training is intended for teachers of primary, secondary or higher education, teaching French as a foreign language (FLE) or as a second language (FLS).

The objectives of this training are

– Enable to enrich and renew one’s pedagogical practices through modules and workshops bringing together teachers from different countries.
– To promote a reflective practice through an exchange and analysis of learning and teaching strategies implemented.
– To make France and the French-speaking world and their cultures better known.

The contents of the training integrate the latest contributions of FLE didactics and the action perspective in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, while taking into account the diversity of audiences, their practices and teaching contexts.

Our formulas for French teachers

1. At the Institut Européen de Français

On the program

  • Modules of methodology and classroom practices (15 hours): “Current language and French society”, “Dedramatizing the difficulties of the French language”, “To energize the classroom group”,…
  • Thematic workshops (8 hours): “Teaching through comics”, “Using video in the FLE classroom”, “Teaching through French song”,…
  • Debate workshops (2 hours)

See the complete program of the 2020 training “Motiver pour agir”.


Our rates

80 euros registration fee (offered on presentation of the FIPF membership card)

1 week: 360 euros / 2 weeks: 680 euros (+ Unlimited access to the e-learning platform)

To know more about it

2. Online

Our training allows French teachers to combine a program of personalized teaching modules with a program of linguistic (grammatical, oral, written and phonetic readjustment) and cultural (cultural and civilizational updating) improvement.

On the program

Different thematic modules, grouped under four main categories are proposed:

  1. Survival kit for the FLE teacher (“Living and participative grammar”, “Didactisation of authentic documents”, …)
  2. Energizing and managing the classroom (“Unleashing the creativity of learners: from creation to learning”, “Leading and managing the classroom: dynamics and correction strategies”,…)
  3. Web 2.0 tools (“Creation of pedagogical sheets and videos with desktop tools”, “Internet resources and web 2.0 activities”, …)
  4. FLE evaluation (“Preparing learners for DELF / DALF”, “Classroom evaluation”, …)
Cours en ligne pour professeurs

Our packs and prices :

  • Pack 5 MODULES: 7.5 hours of videoconference lessons. (140 euros)
  • Pack 10 MODULES: 15 hours of videoconference classes. (240 euros)
  • Pack 15 MODULES: 10:30 pm of videoconference classes. (340 euros)

+ Unlimited access to the e-learning platform + TooFrench premium access for teachers + Certificate of participation

Learn more about our online training

Our e-learning platform and the pedagogical course

Our French teachers enrolled in the training (in person or online) benefit from unlimited access to the e-learning platform.

During their training, teachers have access to the entire training catalog of our e-learning platform, which contains more than 400 modules from level A1 to level C1/C2 and 5000 exercises.

In addition, they join a private group where they can exchange directly with their trainer. For those who take the e-learning training, they also find the courses and modules taken during the training and can download them.

TooFrench, our platform dedicated to French teachers


TooFrench is a platform entirely dedicated to the teaching and learning of French as a Foreign Language that puts teachers and learners in contact.

Downloadable and printable methodological and pedagogical contents are available to teachers, as well as information and useful links for the exercise of their profession.


As part of the online training

French teachers can thus take advantage of ready-to-use pedagogical content from level A1 to level C1/C2 (downloadable activities, videos presenting tutorial activities, etc.), as well as advice from our experts.
They are in permanent link with the pedagogical team of TooFrench, by e-mail or videoconference and have access to all the novelties.

As French teachers, we never stop learning! Come and meet our trainers, exchange on your practices, look for new ideas for your classes,…!
If you would like to have more information about our offers, do not hesitate to write to us!