Internship experience in Montpellier

Internship experience in Montpellier

Who is it for?

Internship experience in Montpellier is mainly intended for students of at least 18 years old and young graduates having either previous involvement in the world of work or a diploma which corresponds to the internship sought. Level: from B1 acquired.


In most business sectors: Tourism and Hotel Industry, sales, secretarial marketing and communication. But also, when possible, in more specific domains (Accounting, Human resources). The internships mainly take place in Montpellier and its region.

Why ?

Internship experience in Montpellier gives you an opportunity to practise French while enriching your professional experience. 
As a supplement to your French courses, l’Institut Européen de Français proposes internships varying from a few weeks to several months in a company or in an association.

The company internship is, at the same time, a good way to acquire new skills for your future career and an unprecedented opportunity to test your capacity to achieve certain tasks and to revalue your CV.
Besides the work experience, the internship experience in Montpellier is also an excellent means to improve your language skills and also to get acquainted with French culture.

The company internship concentrates on the application of your previous knowledge acquired during your school years but also allows you to acquire new skills and work in Montpellier.

When ?

The internship experience in Montpellier starts after a course of a minimum 3 weeks in option 1 (you have the possibility of choosing another option).
Registration minimum 8 weeks before the beginning of the internship, after acceptance of your application form. 

Betriebspraktikum in Frankreich - Montpellier

Minha experiência de estagio no Institut Européen de Français me possibilitou uma imersão na língua e na cultura francesa, além de ter – me permitido fazer belíssimos encontros. O ambiente na escola é extremamente agradável e caloroso. O contato com os alunos, com os professores e toda a equipe de L’IEF foi ao mesmo tempo amigável e profissional. Além do trabalho pude participar de diversos ateliês lingüísticos, colaborando dessa maneira para o aperfeiçoamento do francês.

Je voulais absolument faire un stage en entreprise afin d’améliorer mon application de la langue française. Vu que je suis belge, de la coté Flandre, la langue française est essentiel pour travailler à notre capitale, Bruxelles. Grâce à l’IEF et en particulier grâce à Magaly, j’ai trouvé une place de stage extraordinaire. Chez Duo Display, j’ai eu le temps de ma vie, travaillant au sein de l’équipe marketing et financier. Pratiquer la langue française avec les françaises est certainement conseillé, après d’avoir appris une bonne base de la langue française à l’IEF. Je voudrais remercier l’IEF en me donnant la possibilité d’apprendre la langue française. Et en plus, j’ai trouvé un travail comme auditeur à Bruxelles! Merci et à bientôt!

How to participate?

How to apply for the internship experience in Montpellier? The internship application procedure in 4 steps:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 1

If doing an internship experience in Montpellier interests you, contact us by email at the following address: [email protected]

Step 2

You will receive an email in reply from us, with :

  • Information on IEF as well as our conditions
  • The application form to be completed beforehand including the following information :
    • Date at which you would like to begin your internship
    • Desired duration of the internship
    • Sector, or domain of specialization in which you would like to do your internship (3 wishes)
    • Your skills and know-how
Step 3

Complete the file and send it back to us. After examination of the file and subject to acceptance from us, we shall ask you for a 200 euro deposit to begin our researches.
You will receive at a maximum of 8 weeks before the beginning of your internship confirmation of company internship corresponding to one of your 3 wishes.
A telephone interview (if required by the company) could be requested to finalize the placement. You will be informed about this if necessary.

Refund Conditions :
If in 8 weeks we do not find an internship corresponding to your profile 100 % of your deposit will be refunded.
If in 8 weeks we find an internship corresponding to your profile, you will have one week to retract, in which case we shall refund your deposit. After this period 100 % of the deposit will be retained.

Step 4

After reception of this confirmation, you can enrol in the course and organize your stay. On your arrival at IEF, you will sign an agreement of internship established between the host company, the Institute and you. This agreement will define your functions, your work time and working schedules within the company as well as the rights and duties of each party.

Dates (Contact us)

Session start dates: Every Monday.

Public holidays: 4 April 2021, 13 May 2021, 1 November 2021 and 11 November 2021.

Christmas holidays: Saturday 18 December 2021 to Sunday 2 January 2022.


Registration fees: 80 Euros

Internship experience in Montpellier Registration 3 weeks General French course (minimale option) Total
Intership Experience 590 € 720 € 1310 €



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