Let’s Practice French!

French classes, without a doubt, are the best tools to learn the language in the right way. But the more we learn, the more we want to communicate with others; and one of the most important areas to work on is oral communication. This is why, after formal classes, students are encouraged to attend cultural events to practice French. It will make your language evolution happen a thousand times faster. In IEF and in the city there are many options to meet natives and improve your spoken language while sharing a pleasant conversation with coffee or a glass of wine. Here we will tell you more!

intercambios Tandem / Tandem language exchange

Tandem Exchanges

At IEF we offer our students the opportunity to reinforce their classes with Tandem exchanges. What do you need? You only need to be willing to teach a bit of your native language to a French native who has an interest in knowing your mother tongue. With the Tandem exchanges you will work with another person in improving both languages while exchanging skills and experiences to help you progress faster; and it is fun! The best thing is both students have at least a minimum A2 level; so it is not difficult for them to communicate. The place, the time and the duration of the exchange is mutually decided. Great idea for practice, no?


This is a totally free multicultural event, open to people of all ages, levels of languages and nationalities. Twice a week you can attend GoLingo; there together with a native speaker, you will speak for eight minutes in English, and then eight minutes in French. Then change partners and repeat for a couple of hours. The best thing is once a month there are international events where you can speak in any language with anyone. You just have to place the flags of your native language on the left side of your chest, and the language you are learning on the right side. You will find thousands of new friends while having a glass of wine!

Intercambio IEF

IEF Language Exchange

At IEF we offer a large weekly activity schedule for our students. It always is varied, and offers fun events for our students. One of the popular selections is language exchange afternoons. Students from the school meet with native English learners who are looking to practice with other people. It is an opportunity to share and learn together. Very similar to the GoLingo’s dynamics, our language exchange suggests each partnered couple speak for seven minutes in English, and then seven minutes in French. Then rotate around the room so they can share with as many people as possible. The only requirement here is to desire to learn and meet new friends, while improving your French communication skills.

Language Exchange in Montpellier

Would you like to practice French while you have fun and make new friends?