Montpellier’s favorite student places

Montpellier is a city with many places to visit and things to do, for all interests and all ages. We asked our students to tell us about their favorite sites and why. So these are our student’s must-see choices when you come to study French at IEF.

Jardin Plantes

Jardin des Plantes

This is the oldest botanical garden in France and one of our students’ favorite places. “I love the place, it is my favorite to read in because it is quiet and relaxed. Besides its aroma is delightful and its plants are beautiful,” emphasizes Elena, one of our Russian students. The garden is open Tuesday through Sunday and access is completely free.

Parc du Peyrou

This is one of the city landmarks and a favorite spot for many. It is perfect for sunbathing, reading, or having a picnic with friends. “What I like most is from here you have a magnificent panoramic view of all Montpellier,” says Tim, who visits IEF once a year from Canada.

Parc Peyrou

Brioche Dorée

La Brioche Dorée

Located in the heart of Rue de la Loge, this cafe is a favorite spot to sip a drink and spend the afternoon studying. “I love sitting on the second floor and watching people go by, it seems there is always movement. I can spend the whole afternoon studying French, while having a nice coffee,” says Eugenia, who enjoys her sabbatical year learning French in IEF.

Piscine Olympique d’Antigone

Eugenia also adds another favorite place is the Olympic swimming pool of Antigone. She tells us that it is perfect to disconnect and do sport after school. “It is a pleasant and super economical place, with special offers for students; you can get 10 visits for only € 26”, she points out.

Olympic Pool

Creperia Froment

Crêperie Froment & Sarrasin

A few minutes from the Place du Comedie, this creperie, with years of tradition, is one of the nicest and most visited in the city. “It’s one of my favorite places; they have an infinite variety of flavors and prices are cheap compared to other places” says Betina, one of our Swiss students.

Place de la Canourgue

This square is a favorite with students to spend their afternoons. It is a quiet place and full of neighborhood cafes. “It’s perfect because there are locals in the square, and there are outdoor tables with wi-fi; after school I go there to study and relax,” says Santiago, who has a one-year stay at IEF.

Place Canourgue

Rue de l'Université

Rue de l’Université

“Another place I really like is the Rue de l’Université”, adds Santiago. “It’s ideal when you want to eat something different and socialize with friends. There are lots of bars, restaurants and cafes offering different local and exotic dishes. It’s a good place to stroll around and spend an afternoon.”

Quartier St. Roch

The St. Roch neighborhood is one of the most popular in the city, and is just minutes away from IEF. “I like walking St. Roch; it has an indescribable charm. Its streets are always full of life and there are lots of restaurants, cafes and bars. It is also great to sit on the steps of the cathedral when the day is sunny ” relates Foteni, a student from Greece.

Quartier St. Roch


Médiathèque Emile Zola

Although there are many places to study in Montpellier, Sophia, who prepared at IEF to take her DALF exam, told us her favorite is Emile Zola, the city’s principal media library. “There I found a great place to study every afternoon. You can use the space to read your materials or subscribe to borrow books and movies”, said Sofia.

Jam & La Petite Scène

Sofia, who spent long hours studying for her exams, tells us to distract herself, her favorite places were Jam and Petite Scène. “The Jam is a jazz school and concert hall, with excellent acoustics and lighting. It is small and cozy, perfect to see and hear a musical repertoire. On the other hand, the Petite Scène is a pub offering free and high-level live concerts; the only condition is to buy some drinks to hang out”, our student pointed out.


Parque Meric

Parc du Domaine de Méric

Montpellier has a multitude of green spaces, perfect for enjoying the outdoors and sharing a picnic with friends. But for Carla, a Chilean student, Meric Park is her favorite. “I like that it is next to the river Lez and the Lunaret reservation. Here you can go jogging, go for a walk or sit and read in a quiet environment and admission is free”, she points out.

Marché du Lez

The Marche du Lez has become one of the most visited cultural spaces in the city, and Venezuelan student Silvia tells us why it is her favorite. “I love the atmosphere of the place, plus the great variety of restaurants. It is a place to disconnect and have a good conversation between friends with a glass of wine. In addition, more and more cultural events such as concerts or exhibitions are being offered. For me, it is the best place in the city”.

Marche du Lez

Montpellier’s favorite student places

Do you know Montpellier well? Tell us! What are your favorite places? We want to know!