Plans to enjoy throughout the year in Montpellier

Montpellier is a city that stays alive all year round , each season has its particularities, but if there is one thing that we should highlight is that in the city there are always things to do and plans that remain during the twelve months of the year and that will surely become your favorites during your stay in the south of France.

Enjoy art at the Musée Fabre


The Fabre Museum is the most important in the city and the sixth in all France, being one of the most important Fine Arts institutions in the south of the country. Located in the historic center, very close to Place de la Comédie, its permanent exhibitions hold almost a thousand pieces and sculptures of internationally renowned artists and more than three thousand designs. In addition, throughout the year they organize various special exhibitions that are often free.

Spend the weekend at the Marché du Lez

Marché du Lez

The Marché du Lez has positioned itself as one of the most fashionable places in the city. A joint space where it is possible to find restaurants, cafes, antique shops and even a yoga classroom that attracts people of all ages. The point that makes the difference is that they have an agenda of cultural activities that includes live concerts totally free and that are very popular among our students.

Antiques on Sundays in Peyrou


Apparently, buying second-hand things has become fun for many and also an excellent way to save some money. That is why visiting the antiques market of Sundays in the Parc de Peyrou is one of the favorite activities for many people in the city. Find vintage-style clothes, buy a couple of classic objects to decorate spaces or just spend the day in a different environment makes many people come there.

Taste local products at the Marché des Arceaux

Marché de producteurs

If there is something that needs to be done in France, it is to visit the markets of local producers. If you really want to know the culture and the daily life of French people, there is no better way than to go and try those flavors that have made our cuisine special. Feel like a native while you taste the most delicious French cheeses and take home a bottle of wine from the best vineyards in the region. The appointment is every Tuesday and Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. just in the Boulevard des Arceaux.

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