Practice your French in a professional field!

Practice your French in a professional environment! This is an option offered by Institut Européen de Français to deepen your linguistic skills and cultural knowledge while discovering corporate life in France.

To better understand what our internships program consist of, Maribel, a former student of the IEF, is pleased to share her experience!

Practice French in total immersion in a French company!

Live the Maribel experience!


“Hello everyone! My name is Maribel and I am from Mexico.

I am very happy today to share my experience with you! I did an internship supervised by Institut Européen de Français as a saleswoman in a bakery (Gourmandiz)”.

How did I find out about Institut Européen de Français and why did I choose this particular school?

During my vacations in Montpellier, I wanted to continue learning French. So I searched for a total immersion course and looked at the opinions of different French institutes on the internet. I then went directly to the IEF for more information.

Institut Européen de Français had various options that were perfectly adapted to my needs.

Also, the administrative staff at Institut Européen de Français is very welcoming.

What did I think of the French courses at IEF?

The teaching of French at IEF is of very good quality.

The standard courses take place from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12.15pm with teachers who are very pleasant and who easily help you to understand the French language, customs and culture.

There are also workshops to practice speaking and very nice and interesting cultural outings.

“Practicing French was essential for me!!!”

Maribel - Stage en entreprise

What made me want to do an internship?

I have always thought that learning a language in total immersion was a good way to acquire new language and professional skills.

In addition, I can practice every day and become familiar with the French culture.

How did the search for an internship through Institut Européen de Français go? (Procedure, support, deadline, choice of internship)

Normally, you must register at least 8 weeks in advance. But as I was already in Montpellier, my approach was easier and faster.

I filled out an application form in which I specified the date I wanted to start my internship and made 3 wishes in order to explain where I wanted to do my internship and my professional experience.

It is true that I had chosen the tourism sector but because of the pandemic, Institut Européen de Français found another solution and an excellent choice for me.

I have always had good support from Eugénie (who works at the reception desk) and Magaly, the professor in charge of internships.

Stage en entreprise

Did this internship correspond to my expectations?

Completely! I have had the opportunity to improve my language skills, I have learned new words and most importantly I feel more comfortable when I express myself orally and in writing.

I have also acquired professional skills such as reception procedures, product knowledge, collection procedures, hygiene and food safety rules and a sense of service.

I highly recommend Institut Européen de Français and especially the option “French course + internship”! This experience will allow you to deepen your language skills and familiarize yourself with French culture.