Professional French is coming to our e-learning platform!

Professional French, a plus on our e-learning platform which now has more than 500 modules and over 5000 exercises!

Our e-learning platform, a considerable advantage for all our learners!

Our e-learning platform represents an undeniable asset in the learning of French for all our students: whether they are in face-to-face courses, online courses or in autonomy.

Indeed, thanks to this collaborative learning tool, our students enrich and deepen their knowledge, practice different skills, revise language points,… all this from wherever they are, whenever they want, with the technological tool (computer, tablet, phone) they prefer.

Our learners are actors of their learning and progress at their own pace but are never alone when they work on the platform!

If they encounter a difficulty, if they do not understand a point of language or a correction in an activity, they can ask questions directly on the platform, a qualified and experienced teacher will answer them immediately. In fact, they are constantly coached throughout their learning process!

Professional French accessible online

Our e-learning platform is constantly enriched with new activities in general French to meet the linguistic needs of all our students; but we have decided to go even further and now extend our online training offers to professional French.

Elisa, our pedagogical director, with the help of the entire pedagogical team of our school, has been working for a few months on the development of these modules for professional French. We interviewed her to learn more about these new modules.

Interview with Elisa, educational director

1. Why was the creation of modules for learning professional French an obvious choice?

We are used to teaching French to learners from all over the world with very different objectives.

In general, our students learn French for family reasons, for pleasure or for their studies. But in recent years, we have noticed that more and more students are taking our courses for professional reasons.

French has an important place in the job market and is a real asset in many fields. It is even essential in certain sectors.

Every year, we welcome students who use French in the fields of business, medicine, secretarial work, tourism and law.

Professional French is already an integral part of our teaching. Nevertheless, we wanted to give our students the opportunity to progress in their field of expertise by offering them specific content and by giving them constant support during their training.

2. Which learner audience is being targeted specifically?

These modules are primarily intended for our learners who are doing graduate studies in a particular field or for our students who are going to do an internship in France or in a French-speaking country. They are particularly useful for professionals who need French in their career or who are looking for a new job.

We also receive many students who have chosen to settle in France or who will be working in a French-speaking country. These students must prove, in addition to a good level of general French, real linguistic skills in their field.

3. What professional French themes can be found on the platform?

Medical French
Le français médical
Business French
Français professionnel
French for international relations and diplomacy
Le français des relations internationales et de la diplomatie
French and cooking
Français et cuisine

4. What types of activities will be possible in each occupational area?

A dozen specific modules will be available for each professional French category.

Students will have access to :

  • Oral comprehension,
  • written comprehension,
  • authentic documents,
  • specific lexicon cards,
  • grammar cards to use in context,
  • imagiers…
Some examples of Professional French modules

Scroll through the images by clicking on the arrow to view the different modules

Français professionnel

5. Are the modules already available to the users of the platform?

Some modules, including the first one entitled “Manières de dire” are already available on the platform. However, all of the professional French modules will be available within two months.

Each week, we will publish several specific modules to allow students to learn in their field as soon as possible.

Français professionnel

6. Will the activities created for professional French be reserved only for students who have this objective?

We have chosen to make the professional French modules accessible to all our students. This way, you can learn anywhere, at any time, on any subject. Everything seems interesting to us and everyone is free to choose the modules that interest them.

Modules that can be useful to all our learners!

Scroll through the images by clicking on the arrow to view the different modules

français des affaires

7. In the future, do you plan to cover other topics in professional French?

Soon, we will develop professional French modules on the hotel and tourism industry.

In addition, we would like to develop French for university purposes modules to prepare our students for the major studies that they will be required to pursue in France or in a French-speaking country before entering the working world.