Our priority: quality teaching

Our teaching, our pedagogy at the IEF is more than just our main concern! We evolve, we adapt, we renew ourselves!

We share with you, in this article, an interview dedicated to our pedagogy! Karen, a member of the IEF team, explains the basics of our teaching and our commitment to quality courses.

Karen, tell us all about it!

Can you introduce yourself and explain your role at IEF?

My name is Karen and I am the pedagogical director of the Institut Européen de Français.

After studying Spanish at the University of Montpellier, I fell by chance into teaching French as a foreign language, but it was during my master’s internship at the Institut de Français de Madrid that I had a revelation! I was able to observe all the levels with different teachers teaching French language and culture in a serious but relaxed atmosphere. It was exactly what I wanted to do! After 22 years of experience in the world of FLE, being in class remains a real pleasure for me.

At the IEF, I am also in charge of optimizing, with the coordinator Philippe, the course schedules for both group and private lessons or preparation sessions for French language exams.

Depending on the arrivals, we also decide on the opening and the level of the new classes.

Finally, I develop pedagogical programs or update some of them, such as teacher training courses, in order to always be in line with new trends.

L'enseignement avec Karen

Can you tell us how the courses are organized and how the students are placed in their classes?

The student sends us his/her written test (sent in advance) before the beginning of the course, which allows us to place him/her in the class that best suits his/her knowledge. On the first day, in the morning, we have a meeting where we check the oral level in order to confirm his or her class. After the first classes, we make a point with the student and change his or her level if necessary and justified.

On what pedagogy is the teaching of French at the IEF based?

In class, we always work around the 4 skills (oral/written comprehension, oral/written expression) and in an action and interactive perspective between the learners but also with the teacher. There is also an important cultural aspect omnipresent in the classes because learning a language is of course discovering a culture. For example, one does not count (with one’s fingers) in the same way in France or in Japan.

Karen en classe

What pedagogical tools are available to IEF students?

Our collaborative learning platform includes more than 500 modules and more than 5000 self-corrective exercises allowing the student to work in total autonomy whenever he wants with his phone or computer on the exercises of his choice (he can work on grammar, vocabulary, written or oral comprehension, …).

In case of doubt or misunderstanding about an exercise, one of our teachers will answer directly to the student via the platform.

Also, when students leave and if they wish, they can keep our platform to continue their French learning.

Cours en ligne avec Karen

What makes IEF stand out in its teaching?

We listen to our students if they have any doubts or questions, whether they are linguistic or about life in France.

Moreover, our platform is an undeniable asset and is constantly updated with new grammatical, lexical, cultural, conjugation and conjugation exercises around the 4 skills based on authentic documents (videos, songs, press articles,…).

We follow a pedagogical progression and thanks to this, the student also gains in autonomy.

Of course, we are flexible and know how to adapt the learning rhythm according to the students’ profiles and interests.

Our pedagogical team has a solid experience, for example in the preparation of French language exams, the training of trainers for French teachers as well as the teaching of French for specific purposes (tourism, business, medicine, …).

Thanks Karen!