Conditions updated: June 2, 2020

Provisional General Terms and Conditions of Sale – Situation COVID-19 – Valid until the end of the state of health emergency in France (scheduled for July 11, 2020).

IEF Montpellier reopened its doors on Monday 25 May 2020 for students based in and around Montpellier. Due to the health crisis of COVID-19 and the regulatory measures taken by the French and European governments, the borders of the Schengen area remain closed until June 15. The international borders will remain closed until July at an unknown date for the moment. This prevents students outside France from coming for a language stay.

Since March 17, IEF has set up a programme of pedagogical continuity called Keep Learning French, which allows us to provide French as a foreign language courses at a distance. You can find information about the programme Keep Learning French by following this link.

Until the end of the state of health emergency, the school modifies its general terms and conditions of sales by easing them up. Therefore, learners who wish to book a stay benefit from more flexible cancellation conditions :

  • Any stay booked up to the date of the lifting of restrictions may be cancelled without cancellation fees up to 7 days before the start of the stay.

For learners present and/or those who had planned a stay during the period of government restrictions, the following is proposed:

  • Automatic access to the Keep Learning French continuity programme for the students already present
  • Substitution of face-to-face courses by the online courses of the Keep Learning French programme for students who could not travel to France.
  • Voucher for the amount of the stay (courses plus accommodation) valid for 18 months, from the original start date of your course.
  • Possibility to transfer the voucher to a member of your family or friend at no additional cost.

Not being able to guarantee that we will always have the minimum number of students required (4 students) to have a complete group for a given level, be it for morning or intensive courses, here are the rules that apply:

  • If a group has only 1 student, the course volume will be divided by 2.5
  • If there are 2 students in a group, the volume of courses will be divided by 2
  • If there are 3 students in a group, the course volume will be divided by 1.5
  • From 4 students, the group is 100% validated without any modification

Apart from these cases only, the general terms and conditions of sales apply. See below.

How to register?

Please send to Institut Européen de Français, 34 rue Saint Guilhem, 34000 Montpellier – France:

  • The complete Registration Form (you can register via online registration form or a regular e-mail)
  • A deposit of 200 Euros

Important: Your will be fully registered once we receive the required deposit of 200 Euros. A written confirmation with all the necessary information will be sent to you by e-mail or post once we receive your registration form and deposit.


To pay your deposit and the balance of your stay (at least 2 weeks before your arrival), you have three possibilities

  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard or Eurocard): On line or we will contact you for the details of your card (number, expiration date, card type and the 3-digit security code). A transaction receipt will be sent to you along with the registration confirmation.
  • Check in Euros, clearable in a French bank and payable to “INSTITUT EUROPÉEN DE FRANCAIS”.
  • Bank Transfer to Institut Européen de Français
    Bank Name: Société Générale – Domiciliation : Montpellier – 01430
    Bank address: 11 Boulevard Sarrail – 34000 Montpellier
    IBAN (International Bank Account Number): FR76 3000 3014 3000 0200 9910 164
    BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT: SOGEFRPP

Please enclose a copy of your payment with your registration form with the name of the person attending the course and the dates of the stay.

Please be aware !
Foreign personal checks and checks established in another currency than the euro (€) will not be accepted.
The American Express credit card is not accepted.
All bank transfer fees, including currency exchange and bank commissions, are at your charge.

Cancellations and refunds

The deposit is not refundable. Your tuition and accommodation fees will be refunded according to the following conditions:

  • Cancellation up to two weeks before your arrival: 100% refund
  • Cancellation less than two weeks before your arrival: 50% refund
  • No refund if you decide to leave once the course has started

Image broadcast and data protection

  • Institut Européen de Français may film and photograph its learners/trainees during the stay (courses, cultural activities, excursions, outings…) and may disseminate these photographs and videos as part of its promotion: website, social networks, brochures, video etc… By accepting these conditions, the learner/trainee authorizes the dissemination of images for an unlimited period.  In case of refusal of the broadcast, the learner/trainee must inform Institut Européen de Français in writing.
  • Concerning data protection, the information collected during your registration is processed for internal use in order to organize your stay as well as possible. In accordance with French law, you have a right of access, rectification, portability, deletion or limitation of processing. You may object to the processing of your data and have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting :[email protected]

Important information

  • Number of participants per group level
    • In extremely rare cases, if there is only one participant in a group level, only 50% of the number of hours will be given as a one-on-one course. If there are only two participants in a group level, 75% of the number of hours will be given.
    • Average number of students per class: 7
    • Maximum number of students per class: 12
  • Holidays
    • Courses are not held during holidays. In the case of school closure, afternoon courses and individual lessons only will be made up for during the week.
  • Time schedule
    • L’Institut Européen de Français reserves the right to modify certain times of courses without notice.
  • Insurance
    • Participants are not insured for sickness, accident or robbery. If you are an E.U. citizen you can obtain the E 111 health insurance form before leaving your country. If you are a non-European citizen, please contact your insurance office to guarantee your health coverage while staying in France.
      L’Institut Européen de Français will not be held responsible for loss, damage or any harm suffered or inflicted by a student on people or goods, inside or outside of the building, and whatever the causes may be. In case of conflict, only the courts of Montpellier are competent.