Street art in Montpellier

Urban art, also known as “Street Art”, seems to be taking over great cities of the world’s great cities, with routes through murals and artistic expressions in neighborhoods being one of the most sought-after options for visitors in urban metropolises. Montpellier is no exception to this trend, which seems to be growing every day more and more. It is impressive as the diversity of pieces varies from place to place and invades thousands of spaces throughout the city.

Facades that seem to be drawn from real life

That’s right. Perhaps walking along one of the streets of the Quartier Saint Roch or any other nearby neighborhood you see someone greeting at you through the window or perhaps a child who seems to laugh. But the truth is, when you get a little closer, you’ll find that these are paintings so realistic that you’re almost certain to be seeing someone in flesh and blood. What’s more, they are so impressive that you won’t know which windows in the paintings are real and which are an illusion embodied in the most original facades that now decorate the city. You can spend hours just trying to discover which elements are painted and which are real.

StreetArt Facade

StreetArt Colors

Abstract and colorful walls

It is incredible how, within a medieval city, street artists have managed to shape their art in such a way that it seems that the diverse artistic waves that converge in the city are not so different. More than one tourist and even locals chase the colorful murals that hide between the streets of Montpellier’s neighborhoods to get the most trendy photo of the moment or to see how modernity becomes a place in a city full of history. Many of the walls of the city that seemed abandoned or deteriorated are now a space of expression that goes beyond colors and shapes. Montpellier is full of open-air art galleries and the best thing about it is that they are totally free.

Bicycles with one wheel

We may not be able to ride the city with half a bicycle but we will find in more than one corner the half of this vehicle standing out of the walls of Montpellier’s districts. The artist nicknamed Monsieur BMX has made his mark across various districts of Montpellier! It is very common that suddenly, walking along one of the narrow streets of the city center, you come across half a bicycle that seems to come out of the walls.

Street Art Bikes

Follow your own route

If you are an urban art enthusiast, you will surely love to go around to find a new mural in the city’s neighborhoods or to look for that new bicycle Monsieur BMX has left over there. But if you want to learn more about the topic from the experts, the Line Up Association offers specialized tours to discover all that is hidden in the streets of Montpellier.

Art in Montpellier

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