Summer language stay with Special Campus program

It is impossible to avoid counting the weeks until summer finally arrives in Montpellier. It seems that we can’t control our cravings for longer days and to be able to leave our jackets at home. It is the ideal time to start making plans we can imagine in advance what experiences will be left to remember when September arrives.

Have you ever thought about the best way to get the most out of the hot months? Well, we have the solution, so you can write it down in your July and August agenda. Come and experience the magic of summer learning French in Montpellier while discovering and living first hand the good life of the Mediterranean, or rather, life in the South of France, because it is worth saying that it has a special charm.

Enjoy a full immersion summer language stay with Special Campus program!

Summer language stay

Unwrap yourself with no problems when speaking

One of the great challenges when learning French is to be able to fully develop your oral skills. And it is not a secret that French phonetics requires a lot of practice and effort to be able to handle it. The good thing about our Special Campus course is that it is totally focused on our students’ practical, fun and fast way to get around without any problems when communicating in French in everyday situations. That, without forgetting the development of other skills such as written production and oral and written comprehension. During your stay with Special Campus, you can enjoy 20 hours of weekly group classes to explore the different areas of general French and six exclusive oral practice classes.

Excursion à Saint Guilhem

Discover the region with our activities

There will be no better way to learn French than living the culture of the country as if you were a local and that is what the full immersion of our Special Campus program is all about. During the weeks that you share with us, you will have the opportunity to participate in different activities to discover the gastronomy, music and customs of the region. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit beautiful tourist sites during mid-afternoon or full-day excursions.These outings are perfect to fall in love with new places but also a great opportunity to practice French. The best thing is that everything is included in a single plan, so you will not have to worry about planning anything extra.

Stay in a Student residence

With our Campus Special, you have the opportunity to stay during the summer in one of the university residences of the city. You will have the privilege and comfort of having your own room with private bathroom and the best of all will be that you will share the day to day with other students. So you will always have companions to join you to enjoy the summer plans in the city.

Summer language stay

Pay an unbeatable price

The best of all is that you will live a unique experience while you discover, learn and enjoy, for an unbeatable price, because that is also an advantage to take into account. Our Special Campus offers a special rate where you can enjoy classes, accommodation, and excursions for an incredible amount. All the details of our Campus Special package can be found here or just write directly to [email protected] so you can enjoy the best summer of your life.

Rochelle, former IEF student, tells you about it!

Do you want more French course options?

In addition to the Campus Special, we have several other courses you can choose from.