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Are you hesitating to take French courses online? Are you thinking “it won’t be as good as a French immersion course in France”? Some students had this apprehension before starting the online courses but they jumped at it and were not disappointed at all! They were even very surprised by the quality of our distance learning courses! Discover all their impressions in these few testimonials!

Feedback from our students on online French courses

What were your impressions of the French courses you took online? Tell us all about it!



“Taking the online French course at IEF was a great experience! I didn’t expect it to help me so much to become more confident in speaking French.

What I liked the most was the varied program – the schedule includes both lessons via videoconference, where the emphasis is on expression and pronunciation, but also time to work independently.

The e-learning platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the opportunity to focus on your individual interests and needs. In addition, there is always a teacher available on the platform, ready to answer your questions.

I can only recommend IEF’s online courses! If you don’t have the opportunity to go to France, it will be a most rewarding experience.”



“I started the courses with the intention of doing something productive this summer. I didn’t expect to make so much progress and have so much fun at the same time.

The organization of the online courses was great and really perfect in these times of pandemic. There is a platform with lots of explanatory videos, as well as exercises to test our knowledge. Even the teachers give us a lot of other resources to learn, like songs, readings, links or written assignments,

However, my favorite part was the debates. I liked being able to learn how to express my opinion in Molière’s language, both in writing and orally, and improve my comprehension.

The atmosphere was very pleasant, I had the chance to meet very interesting people from all over the world and teachers who are always listening, motivated and very friendly.

I can’t think of a better way to learn a language than by having fun.”



“At first, I was skeptical about an online language course. I thought it was a first-class course, with little impact on real speaking skills. However, during the first week, the skepticism dissipated mainly because of the warm and productive atmosphere that prevailed during the classes.

The French online courses were deeply structured and offered a clear and understandable mix of online discussions, oral presentations and individual work. They were easy to follow, even though the workload was greater for me than I thought. I had planned them differently, but for anyone interested, I would recommend focusing intensely on the French classes without having to do extra work.

In addition, the teacher encouraged all of us to talk every day in a friendly and motivating manner. As the weeks went by, the students began to form a group of their own, and we even met online twice in the evenings to get to know each other better.

Soirée en ligne

In the end, I learned to put an end to my fears of speaking in another language. Within the group, it was a great pleasure to follow the teacher’s ideas and to finally find personal ways to learn French. It was easy to integrate into the group as the students came from different places and each one had an individual (speaking) background.

For me, these weeks have been excellent and intensive for learning French. This is why I highly recommend this course to everyone. Especially to those who don’t have the opportunity to go abroad or to attend face-to-face classes.”



“The French course was excellent and exciting. It opened a new window for me. I began to understand a little bit about French culture and European history. I started listening to debate programs and reading the newspaper.

The zoom distance learning course worked very well. In the group, there were not many students, everyone could express themselves and speak. The teacher was patient and cultured. The group atmosphere was adorable. The platform was very useful. There were a lot of explanations and exercises. I also did some exercises on the platform after class and I understood it well.

It was the best French course I’ve ever had. I have good memories. Thank you very much!


One of the best online courses I’ve ever taken!

I have always felt committed to the course and have seen a considerable improvement in my French over the last two weeks.

The teachers have been excellent, creative and very supportive… learning has never been so much fun!


“If you want to improve your French in an efficient way, this course is very useful!

The teachers are very nice and explain very well.

You not only learn how to use expressions correctly, but also why.

For me, it was not only to improve my language skills, but also to learn more about how the French think.

Since I was a bit frustrated by the French courses I had taken before, I am really grateful that my motivation and love of the French language came back during the course.

Thank you Institut Européen!”

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Cours de français en ligne

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