Weekly activities at IEF

At IEF, our main objective is for our students to learn while enjoying an unlimited cultural exchange through a language stay in another country. We want to be one hundred percent sure that, beyond the classrooms, our students have the spaces they need to meet, share, and practice everything they learn during their study hours at IEF. It is for this reason that we propose a weekly agenda full of activities. These free time activities are not only fun for our students, but they help facilitate immersion into French day-to-day life and culture.

Discover Montpellier

The variety of activities we propose offer our students a number of ways to discover the city. They are perfect occasions to visit different places, learn great places to go for a drink or to eat, and much more. It is a way for them not only to pass through the city as visitors, but also to feel like a part of it.

Share with other students

These events are not only a good excuse to engage with the city like a native, but are also perfect moments to meet and share with other students that are in other levels. This creates a friendly and familiar environment among those who attend classes at IEF. It is a way for students to have spaces outside of classes to share and are a great way to enlarge your list of friends.

Events IEF - Weekly activities

Variety of activities

A concert, a stand-up night, a Sunday brunch, a picnic in the park, an afternoon getaway to the beach, or a night of table games are just some of the activities we propose. The best thing is that you will always have something to do, because in Montpellier, there is no reason to stay at home. At IEF, we organize the Soirée International a few times a year, where our students have the opportunity to share typical dishes of their countries and spend some time with music on the terrace of IEF.

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Practice French

Events IEF - Weekly activities

Beyond creating new bonds of friendship between the students of the institute, the activities also allow students to meet French-speaking natives. This is another great opportunity for our students to practice their skills outside of class, which is of paramount importance for successful learning.


Events IEF - Weekly activities

Most events are totally free and that’s one of the things that students like the most. Although from time to time one or another activity can have a cost, it is very rare, and prices are usually low, which always makes our students feel encouraged to participate.

Know the schedule

Every Monday during the welcome snack, Julie is in charge of telling our students about the plans that are open to everyone during the week. If you lost it at that time, you can also check the events board or go directly to the link on our activities blog, where you can have all activities on hand so you do not miss out.

Stay informed about the latest activities in Montpellier